Hampton Landscape Company

Labrie Associates, Inc.
24 Walnut Avenue
North Hampton, NH 03862
(603) 964-9502

Principal: Mick Sheffield

Website: Labrie Associates

Labrie Associates has been providing landscaping and commercial property management services to the New Hampshire seacoast region for almost 30 years. The key to their success in property management has been their attention to detail and swift response to the variety of challenges that commercial properties face- whether it's a fire alarm in the middle of the night, a flooded basement, or just a blown out light bulb, their experienced staff of 20 are always ready. That's why New Hampshire seacoast region real estate agents and businesses have come to depend on Labrie Associates for their commercial maintenance service.

While the company is renowned for its commercial property maintenance services, there is a gem about Labrie Associates that sometimes gets overlooked. That is the depth of experience and knowledge in landscape construction services they provide to homeowners in the coastal regions of New Hampshire and southern Maine.

Mick Sheffield, the owner and manager of the Labrie Associates, has been actively involved in the green industry since 1977. Teaching landscape construction to students at the University of New Hampshire for seven years, and horticultural business management classes also, Mick's passion is to continually learn and pass that knowledge on. His experience in the horticultural sciences has established him as an expert in sustainable landscape plantings. This knowledge is shared by his seasoned landscaping crew, who are professionals in the landscaping trade- some are UNH graduates themselves. Mick enjoys finding creative solutions to landscape challenges that homeowners face and sharing what he knows with his customers as well.

"Landscaping is all about problem solving. Much of the creative process is in working it through. When we rise up to meet the challenge of a particular site, and we all put our heads together, we find a solution that is better than we imagined."

As a result, Labrie Associate's landscaping projects are all unique. A brick walkway may take a little turn and have a seating area. A stone wall may incorporate a water feature. Low-voltage landscape lighting offers a delightful surprise as plants and structures take on a new look after the sun goes down.

Labrie Associates residential landscaping services is limited to the design and construction of landscapes, but they are always in contact with their clients to make sure they are completely satisfied with the work that they have performed. It is the same principles as they operate their property management services under- to deliver exceptional service, attention to detail and communication long after the project is finished.


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