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Principal: Jim Anderson

Sunapee Landscaping Company

Jim Anderson of JCB Designscapes, based out of the New Hampshire Sunapee Lakes region, provides landscape design services and concrete paver installations from Lebanon to Claremont N.H. With a background of over 20 years in horticulture and plant care, Jim started JCB Designscapes with a passion for introducing a more natural look in design for the residents of the Lake Sunapee area. By incorporating flowing lines, rich textures, and native plant species, Jim successfully transforms his clients' properties into what he describes as "random uniformity."

"So much of the landscaping you see in this area looks the same. While straight lines and sheared plants may fit in a suburban location, it looks out of place in our rural area. We work hard with our customers to design a landscape that fits the region and their personality. We give every project 100% of our creativity, using all the best materials available in the market today. All of our jobs are unique."

-Jim Anderson

One of the valuable services that JCB Designscapes offers the Lake Sunapee region residents is designing and developing their shoreline properties to comply with state regulations. Building codes for lake front properties regulate the amount of land that can be covered with impervious surface material-that is, non-porous.

This includes a house structure and asphalt driveway. One way to get a bigger house and still have a paved driveway is to use permeable pavers. Permeable pavers are recognized by state regulations as a porous surface that is good for the environment because storm water flows through it into a bed of gravel, cleaning the water and restoring groundwater supply.

Continuing education is a high-priority for Jim and his crew. JCB Designscapes attends industry seminars and trade shows during the slower winter months to stay on top of the latest trends and technology in the green industry. They are certified in the installation of concrete pavers and retaining walls from ICPI and NCMA, as well as having manufacturer-specific training and certifications. When you call JCB Designscapes you can be sure that the landscape they install for you will provide long-lasting enjoyment in your "home away from home."


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Service Radius: 40 miles

Website: JCB Designscapes
Memberships: Certifications:

NHLA Member

NHTI Landscape Design Certification
ICPI Member ICPI Certified Paver Installer
NCMA Member

NCMA Certified Retaining Wall Installer

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