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Principal: Paul Sevigny

Years in Business: 14

Manchester NH Lawn Care Services


More Than Just Lawn Care Services in Manchester NH!

It comes as a surprise to some that Mainely Grass is not only in Maine...and they don't only take care of your grass! They have been providing the best lawn care services in the Manchester New Hampshire area for over seven years. This lawn care company has over 20 trucks on the road every day, which gives them the ability to provide all of their pest control services in a timely manner. Mainely Grass can deliver on what they promise.

Lawn Care Services 

Lawn care services. Mainely Grass has customized a five-step lawn care program for New Hampshire. Have you tried getting the perfect lawn by using a name brand four-step fertilizer program? Fertilizers sold on the national market are not necessarily the best for New England. Accurate timing is critical for weed control and grub control. Sometimes bag application schedules can be "off," because of a late winter or an early, dry spring. Hiring a lawn service can yield better results faster with less waste, because they understand what to put down and when.

In their five-step lawn care program, Mainely Grass monitors and spot sprays broadleaf weeds throughout the season so they never get established in your lawn. With an iron-infused fertilizer in the spring, and balanced fertilizer applications throughout the season, the grass in your yard will be healthy, green and robust. Mainely Grass provides a bold satisfaction guarantee: you will be pleased with the results, or they will work with you at no cost until you are.

Lawn Fertilizing Manchester 

professional shrub care services

 Tick Spraying in NH

Tree and shrub care services. Other than trimming your shrubs in the fall, what kind of care have you given them? Very often landscape trees and shrubs are ignored. Whether you have a new landscape or a mature one, chances are your plants are being stressed by harmful insects, foliar diseases, and soil that has no more nutrients. Experience a transformation with only one season of tree and shrub spraying services from Mainely Grass! Their comprehensive six-step tree and shrub care program, which includes liquid deep-root fertilizing, will keep your landscape plants healthy and happy.

Tick and mosquito spraying services. You want to be able to enjoy your yard, which can be difficult to do after the sun goes down. Mainely Grass provides tick spray programs that include three visits per year, spraying not only the perimeter, but also lawn areas where ticks can hide. Their tick control is guaranteed. Mosquito control is a six spray program. As mosquitoes are flying insects that hatch their young every 10 to 14 days, mosquito populations can be "managed" but not eliminated from your yard. Mainely Grass provides the best mosquito barrier controls that are also safe for children and pets.

Mainely Grass Manchester location provides all services to greater Manchester, Goffstown, Bedford, Derry and Londonderry NH areas