Glossary of Landscaping Terms

I. Service Divisions

Landscape Construction - Building a landscape with earth materials, plants, and nonliving materials such as concrete brick and natural stone. landscape construction may or may not involve a blueprint.

Landscape Design - The creation of a scaled drawing or plan for the usage of landscape space.

Landscape Designer - One who creates landscape plans. Landscape designers may or may not have formal training or degrees.

Landscape Design/Build - A company offering design services and installation of landscapes (see landscape construction)

Landscape Architect - A landscape designer with formal schooling and a degree in landscape architecture. Landscape architects are familiar with elevations, load surcharges, and watershed issues.

Commercial Maintenance - Performing seasonal services to maintain the grounds of businesses, apartment complexes, or industrial parks.

Residential maintenance - Performing seasonal services to maintain home landscapes.

Irrigation - The design, installation and service of lawn sprinkler systems.

Excavation - Heavy equipment operations necessary to prepare a grade for landscaping. Stump removal and trucking are key elements of the excavation process.

Site Work - See excavation

Landscape Materials/Material Sales - Offering an inventory of mulch, loam, and gravel available for pickup or delivery. Landscape materials can also include brick, stone, or concrete block

Lawn Care - The application of chemical or organic fertilizers and pesticides to turf grass

Hardscapes - Installation of structural or aesthetic elements of landscape using nonliving materials. Hardscapes can include retaining walls, pavers, or stone walls.

Softscapes - Installation of plant material

Arborist - A tree care specialist who performs tree removal, pruning, insect and disease diagnosis and treatment.

II. Landscape Function Terms - Residential and Commercial

Landscape Maintenance

 Bed edging and mulching
 Weeding / herbicide
 Seasonal color
 Fall leaf cleanup
 Gutter clean out
 Turf aeration or dethatching
 Chemical lawn care

Landscape Construction

 Retaining walls, stone work
 Brick walkways and patios
 Water features/ Koi ponds
 Landscape lighting
 Tree and shrub planting
 Lawn installation