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Hiring A Landscape Contractor

Hiring the right professional landscaper is vital to ensuring that you’re pleased with the results of your landscape project.Pool Patio

Here are a few tips to finding the right landscape company for your job.

Design - If your project is very large and complicated, it might make sense to hire a landscape architect or designer to develop a comprehensive plan. That way you'll be able to complete portions of the project in phases. This is also helpful because you’ll be able to more easily budget for each phase.

Experience - When you meet with the prospective company, be sure to ask if they would recommend another way to approach your project. Oftentimes an experienced landscape professional can see potential in your yard that you may have overlooked. Does the contractor specialize in any particular service, such as pool landscaping?
Crew - Who will be performing the work? Is the owner on the jobsite, and if not, who is the contact person? What are the
qualifications of the key employees with their hands on the tools?
References - Ask for references–and be sure to call them! 
It's important to ask for references for both recent projects the landscaper has completed as well as jobs that are a few years old (to see how the project has held up over time.)

Here are a few questions you can ask:

  • Did you receive a written estimate for the project?
  • Was the project scope clearly defined?
  • Was the contractor easy to talk with? Was he/she able to interpret your vision of the project into a workable plan?
  • How did the contractor handle change orders?
  • How satisfied were you with the result of your project?
  • Would you hire the contractor again?

Warranties - Ask the contractor what the warranty policies are specific to the work to be performed in your yard (i.e. Hardscape, plant, grass and/or material-labor.) You should have a copy of the warranty policy in writing with your contract.

Insurance - Make sure that your contractor has a current certificate of insurance. There are three areas of coverage a landscape contractor must have:

1.) Contractor Liability-covers incidents occurring on the job site (your yard.)
2.) Worker’s Compensation-covers employee injuries when they are on the clock.
3.) Commercial Auto-Covers registered vehicles used on the job

A reputable landscape contractor carries all these policies to protect you the customer and the interests of the company. When comparing landscaping quotes, consider the cost of what could happen-an accident on your property. The responsible contractor has already thought this through.

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